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My Life > Captain, 1779-1787

Captain, 1779-1787

On the 11th of June 1779, I was made Post [Captain] into the Hinchinbroke, frigate. In January 1780, an expedition being resolved on against Fort San Juan in Nicaragua I was chosen to command the Sea part of it. The account of Dr Benjamin Moseley will tell you of my exertions: how I quitted my ship, carried troops in boats one hundred miles up a river, which none but Spaniards since the time of the buccaneers had ever ascended. I 'boarded' (if I may be allowed the expression) an outpost of the Enemy, situated on an Island in the river; I made batteries, and afterwards fought them, and was the principal cause of our success.

My state of health was now so bad I was obliged to go to England to recover. In August of 1781, I was commissioned for the Albemarle and served in the North Sea and North American waters until the peace.

In the spring of 1784, I was appointed to the Boreas frigate, of 28 guns and ordered back to the West Indies. In 1786 I was left in command of the station until June 1787 when I sailed for England. In March that year, I married Frances Herbert Nisbet, widow of Dr Nisbet of the Island of Nevis; by whom I have no children.

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